Kubernetes Courses

Kubernetes is essential for managing and orchestrating IT applications. It simplifies deployment and scaling of containerized applications, offers advanced capabilities for redundancy and scalability, and is highly portable across different infrastructures. Learning Kubernetes and participating in training courses enables improved skills and career opportunities in the industry.

With the experience gained on several consulting training projects, we have designed a training path that can take students through DSK courses to discover Kubernetes. We will start with containers to proceed with Kubernetes Vanilla, with that managed by the various public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google), until we get to all the tools attached to it: Jenkins, Helm, Istio, Hashicorp Vault, Prometheus and Grafana, Elastic Search, FileBeat and Kibana.

Find out the details of each Kubernetes DSK course by checking out the contents of each tab.

Please note: Our courses are constantly evolving and we continuously modify them to keep up with the latest updates in the covered technologies.

Container Runtime Essential

About CKA and CKAD Certifications

Our Kubernetes training paths are very popular and in demand by developers, IT professionals, and cloud engineers as Kubernetes has become one of the most important management and deployment tools in the world of cloud computing. Desotech courses on Kubernetes offer a wide range of information and practical knowledge about Kubernetes features and capabilities, enabling participants to gain a solid understanding of how to use and manage Kubernetes in real-world environments. Courses on Kubernetes can also help developers and IT professionals develop new skills and knowledge about managing and deploying containerized applications, providing a competitive advantage in an increasingly demanding market and paving the way toward CKA and CKAD certifications.

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer

The Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) certification is among the most recognized for Kubernetes application developers. This certification is offered by the Linux Foundation in collaboration with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). The DSK402 (CKAD Exam Prep) course focuses on the skills needed to create, configure and manage cloud native applications on a Kubernetes cluster.

The CKAD exam is designed to assess developers’ practical knowledge in working with Kubernetes. It includes a series of hands-on exercises in which developers must demonstrate their ability to configure networking, create and manage service accounts, implement best practices for applications on Kubernetes, and more. Passing the CKAD exam demonstrates a solid understanding of Kubernetes application development skills.

The DSK402 (CKAD Exam Prep) course is structured to cover a wide range of key topics. Course objectives include creating and configuring services, managing pods and deployments, using service accounts to control access to resources, using the command line to interact with Kubernetes, and understanding best practices for developing cloud-native applications.

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Certified Kubernetes Administrator

CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administrator ) certification is equally important for system administrators and DevOps engineers involved in managing and administering Kubernetes clusters. The DSK401 (CKA Exam Prep) course focuses on the skills needed to effectively configure and manage a Kubernetes environment in production.

The CKA exam includes a series of hands-on exercises that test administrators’ skills in managing networking, configuring security policies, scaling and monitoring clusters, and troubleshooting common problems. Passing the CKA exam demonstrates a solid understanding of critical operations and best practices for managing Kubernetes clusters.

CKA administrators are able to create and manage robust, reliable and scalable Kubernetes environments. They can deploy storage solutions, configure access and authentication policies, monitor cluster performance, and troubleshoot operational issues. CKA certification provides valuable evidence of the skills and experience needed to successfully support Kubernetes infrastructures in production.