Network virtualization technology takes Software-Defined Networking (SDN) to a whole new level by truly separating network resources from the underlying hardware. Just as server virtualization emulates a physical server within software, network virtualization emulates security and network services components within software. In this way, the virtualized network is deployed and managed independently of hardware. Physical network devices become mere packet forwarding tools.
With the accumulated experience, in Desotech we are able to migrate traditional network infrastructures to the Software defined Network with the integration of NSX-T, now the flagship product of the VMware portfolio.

Sicurezza piu intelligente con un approccio basato sul software

Smarter security with a software-based approach

With the traditional approach, application security is added after the fact, which creates possible security holes. A VMware NSX and software-based approach builds security into the network and applications from the start, enabling you to meet any future challenges.
Tecnologia e soluzioni comprovate

Proven technology and solutions

VMware NSX Data Center is already helping connect and secure many of the world’s most complex next-generation infrastructures. It’s the solution of choice for leading cloud providers, international financial institutions, government agencies, higher education institutions, healthcare providers, and many more.
NSX Data Center offre

NSX Data Center offre

Software-Based Security and Networking FeaturesAverage 70% reduction in perimeter firewallsOver 60% OpEx savings with network automationOver 65% OpEx savings on network monitoring and troubleshootingSave up to 75% on network perimeter management costs