Docker Courses

The future has never been so close, the use of technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Containers, Content Integration are revolutionizing the IT world. These technologies require specific training. DesoTech provides training across the entire ecosystem, offering a top-down view to fully train your entire team. Our company is made up of various figures such as: full stack engineers, system administrators who carry out daily consultancy activities directly on customers.

Our experience has led us to be selected by Docker as an authorized partner for the delivery of official courses.

  • Our education doesn’t just stop at Docker, we understand that technologies must be integrated to be successful.
  • We are specialized in verticalized training in the DevOps world (development of containerized environments, Content Integration and Content Delivery workflows, advanced orchestration systems (Docker EE, Kubernetes) in a production environment
  • Our teachers are certified as Docker Accredited Instructors , have followed and successfully passed the path to be recognized as teachers worldwide
Formazione Docker

The courses are divided into official and unofficial. The official ones issue the certificate issued directly by Docker and concern the Docker Enterprise Edition version, the unofficial ones concern the Docker Community Edition version. The Docker courses are divided into levels and can be composed starting to allow you to be completely autonomous in a working context and achieve the DCA certification.

Our experience as Docker Authorized Training Partner has allowed us to understand the real needs and critical points of those approaching this world for the first time. We have prepared a training project that starts from the foundations of Docker, carefully analyzing the main theoretical concepts, up to the various extensions that allow you to build a highly available environment ready for production projects, all this carefully following the best practices that allow to have a safe, resilient and performing environment where you can distribute your applications.