Software Defined Storage is a storage architecture for computational systems, in which the software responsible for managing storage is separate from the underlying hardware.

Desotech with its experience brings knowledge and guidelines to implement consolidated storage solutions, also taking advantage of the technologies and products made available by VMware, including vSAN, the hyperconverged storage solution par excellence.

In this way, the overall storage capacity of the individual hardware components is centralized and scaled at will, distributing it among all interested clients. Thanks to Defined Storage software, it is possible to concretely establish how to manage the available memory, for example in relation to the following aspects:​

  • Data Duplication: Identifying and deleting copies of duplicate data
  • Replication: multiple archiving and synchronization of the same file
  • Thin Provisioning: streamlined memory allocation system, with which only the memory actually needed is allocated
  • Snapshots: virtual data mapping
  • Backup: solutions for data security