SUSE NeuVector Courses

Full Lifecycle Container Security

Desotech offers SUSE NeuVector training courses to help companies secure and manage their containerized environments. With the help of our certified experts, attendees will learn how to use NeuVector to detect and prevent security threats within their Kubernetes environments, including image vulnerabilities, security misconfigurations, and suspicious network activity. Our courses are designed to equip users with the skills needed to implement a comprehensive security solution for their containerized environments and ensure corporate data is protected.

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Vulnerability management

  • Scanning and admission control during build, test and deployment.
  • Scans containers, hosts, and orchestration platforms while running.
  • Check host and container security with Docker Bench and Kubernetes CIS Benchmark for security testing.
  • Risk scores and compliance reports.

Data protection

  • Protects containers from attacks potentially originating from internal and external networks.
  • The only real-time identification and blocking system for network, packet, zero day and application attacks such as DDoS and DNS.
  • Successfully identify and layer 7 lock down container and pod pairs.

Automated prevention and policies

  • DevOps teams deploy new apps with built-in security policies to ensure they are protected throughout the CI/CD pipeline to production.
  • Discover the behavior and services of applications to isolate them from attacks.
  • Optimize communication between security and development.

Integrations and Platforms

  • It works on all major cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Integrates with all major CMPs, including Rancher, RedHat OpenShift, and more.
  • It supports SYSLOG and webhook for notifications to alerting systems.
  • LDAP integration and single sign-on with SAML support.