Artificial Intelligence Courses

The new primary need of companies is to align the skills of Data Analysts, Pipeline Engineers and ML Engineers with the demands dictated by the constantly evolving technological period in which we live.

With this in mind, our team of trainers and consultants spent weeks devoting themselves heart and soul to teaching solutions that can be adapted to the needs of any company, be it an SME or a huge international corporation.

Therefore, it is with pride that Desotech offers the first ‘AI Training Paths’ specifically aimed at companies wishing to train their Data Analysts, Pipeline Engineers, ML Engineers and any figure related to the artificial intelligence landscape.

From Python in the context of AI, to advanced concepts of workflow orchestration with Argo and Pachyderm, to KubeFlow, to the fundamentals of Machine Learning, nothing has been left to chance.

Select the learning path that will lead your team to the new milestones of the modern era, achievable only with a comprehensive understanding of the vast landscape of Artificial Intelligence.

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