Desotech as Training Partner of Suse can provide official SUSE training allowing you to acquire knowledge in all fields and allowing you to prepare for certifications, choose the path that best suits your skills and level.

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With SUSE, you have the power to innovate anywhere, from the data center to the cloud to the edge and beyond.

Innovation with speed and agility

SUSE, now with Rancher, offers the industry’s most adaptable Linux operating system and the only open Kubernetes management platform. Together with our Edge solutions, you can innovate fast and transform based on your priorities.

Truly independent approach

SUSE reintroduces the “open” into “open source” software, giving you the ability to evolve your IT strategy based on business requirements and innovation needs, not contractual obligations.

Company strength and experience

SUSE introduced enterprise-grade Linux in 1994 and has served businesses worldwide for more than 28 years. Working to earn and maintain customer trust is priority number one.


Linux Enterprise Server

This modern, modular operating system helps you simplify multimodal IT, streamlines traditional IT infrastructure, and provides an engaging platform for developers. As a result, you can easily deploy and move business-critical workloads across local and public cloud environments.

IT Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure management is the management of both technical and operational components – including hardware, software, policies, processes, data, facilities and equipment – for business effectiveness.

SLES per Application SAP

Following our courses, you will be able to understand the best solution for the SAP world and discover why SUSE is the trusted and preferred open source platform for SAP customers who want to unlock data intelligence, drive innovation and work with the Better.

SUSE NeuVector

With the help of our certified experts, attendees will learn how to use NeuVector to detect and prevent security threats within their Kubernetes environments, including image vulnerabilities, security misconfigurations, and suspicious network activity

SUSE Rancher

SUSE Rancher is an open source platform for managing container clusters. It allows you to easily manage applications and services in multi-node environments, providing tools for deploying, configuring and monitoring containers