Desotech is a cutting-edge training institute based in Italy, specializing in cloud-native applications. We have been involved in everything related to the cloud-native universe for over a decade and have been operating in Italy under the Desotech brand for over 5 years, developing our name and our value as a consultancy and training center of excellence.

Our goal is to provide high-level services and expertise to organizations that wish to build and maintain their own cloud-native infrastructures or train their IT team in the use of these revolutionary technologies that represent the future of every work environment.


Infrastructure consultancy and management


From strategy development to practical implementation to in-depth, comprehensive training, we are committed to ensuring our customers have the resources they need to succeed in the cloud computing era. Desotech managed services are designed to fit the unique needs of your organization.
Whether you need business-hours break/fix support or 24-hour global management and monitoring, our certified Kubernetes professionals are here for you. No limitations, just top-notch support.


Our certified team

Our trainers are qualified to issue the necessary certifications for your staff to use the Cloud Native software and technologies that you will use on a daily basis in the company.
We employ highly qualified teachers, equipped with the certifications and teaching qualifications necessary for the provision of corporate training courses in the technical field.
Each of them is, in turn, trained by our company according to our delivery method standards, in line with our brand. Only after a thorough, complex and complete onboarding process do we assign them responsibility for your projects.


Our trainers