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Our Cloud-Native approach

Companies today need highly skilled personnel, infrastructure and flexibility to create high-quality applications and simplify complex business processes.

To survive in this digital age, organizations are required to leverage new technologies like DevOps, Agile, microservices, containers and we at Desotech can help you stay ahead.

We help companies make the most of the potential of Cloud Native technologies by supporting you in managing your infrastructure. We also develop and improve the IT skills of your teams and support you in their professional training

The various services we offer

our team

Our team is at your disposal!

We select and make use of the support of highly qualified and certified consultants and teachers, to guarantee the maximum competence, effectiveness and quality of the courses.

Only after an accurate and complete Onboarding process, do we assign them your projects: day after day we work on new challenges that allow us to develop that experience in the field that can bring value to the next project

Our Mission:

Building a relationship of trust and mutual development with the subjects who come into contact with us. Establish and communicate clear rules, be consistent with the rules themselves and apply them with transparency. Act with strong intellectual honesty, recognizing the limits and potential of our work. Search, attract and develop motivated and quality resources, promoting their professional development. Develop an innovative offer, known and appreciated by the professional community. Produce results that give customers recognized and lasting value.


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