Kubernetes Core Architecture

This course delves into the fundamental concepts of the Kubernetes architecture. The course begins with an overview of Pods, the smallest unit of Kubernetes, and how to interact with them. Next, we discuss ReplicaSets and Labels, which are used to make copies of Pods and identify them. The course continues with a detailed discussion on Deployments, DaemonSets and Namespaces, used to manage applications and services in Kubernetes. We will also discuss using EmptyDir and Dynamic Storage Provisioning, which provide dynamic storage management in Kubernetes.

The course then moves on to managing services through the use of Services and Ingress Rules, which allow you to expose services outside the cluster. We then cover the topic StatefulSet, which allows you to create stateful applications in Kubernetes. The course concludes with a discussion on Etcd Snapshots and Cluster Maintenance, which are essential to keep a Kubernetes cluster healthy and ensure the availability of hosted services. By the end of the course, students will have acquired a solid understanding of the basic architecture of Kubernetes and best practices for its management and maintenance.

Categorie: Kubernetes

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