The modern apps your business needs present their own challenges. To get started, developers want new tools and the latest development methods, but IT administrators fear for security and management of this new generation of workloads. vSphere with Tanzu offers the best of both worlds.

Run modern, containerized workloads using existing IT infrastructure. Developers can innovate and build with the agility of Kubernetes, while IT administrators can manage and secure workloads in their familiar vSphere environment.

vSphere with Tanzu bridges the gap between IT operations and developers with a new type of infrastructure for modern cloud-native applications both on-premises and in public clouds.

Vmware Tanzu

Desotech , with the experience gained through Kubernetes and VMware , is able to achieve a great knowledge of Cloud Native technologies applied to the VMware world, with Desotech implementing Kubernetes solutions within VMware environments will only be the first step towards the future.

  • Eliminate time-consuming deployment and management processes with provisioning, scaling, patching, and on-demand updating of Kubernetes clusters via a simple CLI or API
  • Access the latest stable version of Kubernetes from the open source community
  • Provide critical business features for running production workloads such as high availability, rolling upgrades, health checks, and self-healing of the underlying virtual infrastructure
  • Simplify container networking and increase security with VMware NSX-T™
  • Deploy Kubernetes both on-premises on vSphere and in public clouds
  • Deploy Kubernetes clusters for stateless and stateful applications
  • Deploy secure applications with an integrated enterprise container registry with vulnerability scanning, image signing, and auditing
  • Improve operational efficiency with monitoring, logging, and analytics through out-of-the-box integration with VMware Wavefront,
  • VMware vRealize Operations, and VMware vRealize Log Insight