The world's most flexible Kubernetes solution

Kubernetes services managed by Desotech are a flexible solution and can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Our range of services ranges from business hours Kubernetes break/fix support with robust coverage and professional-grade SLAs to 24x7x365 Kubernetes management with continuous monitoring of your environments worldwide, as well as unlimited access to our team of professionals Certified Kubernetes.

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100% Performance

With a detailed assessment of your K8s implementation or platform and a post-audit action plan, performance improvement is 100% guaranteed.


Free cancellation within 30 days

If our service does not meet your needs or if you are dissatisfied for any reason, you can cancel the service free of charge within the first 30 days.
Fflexible Service

Flexible Services

Customizable plans based on your coverage needs.

Increased Confidence


Strong SLAs and a designated phone number available 24/7.

Any Environment


Day-2 operations and support for any K8s deployment, on-premises or in the cloud.

Efficient Resolution

Effective solutions

Direct access to certified technicians who know your environment inside out.


Deploying and maintaining Kubernetes drains resources

Kubernetes is a complex system that requires precise planning and labor-intensive maintenance to deliver maximum value to your business. Running the platform and keeping it up to date is costly in terms of operational time and energy.


Increase productivity by delegating to experts

From break-fix Kubernetes support to routine upgrades and complex migration projects, day-to-day platform operations are in good hands, allowing your team to focus operational time and energy on meeting the needs of your customers. Your company's KPIs are our priority as we maximize available resources and maintain business continuity.

Are you ready to discover the support and our management services of K8s?

Why be a partner of Desotech?

By proactively managing, updating and monitoring your Kubernetes platform, Desotech Managed Services allows you to focus on developing great products and getting them to market. Saving time and energy on repetitive tasks translates into lower operating costs, thus optimizing your resources.

Proactive management

Proactive Management

Constant problem prevention

Monitoring and security

Regular updates

Fast delivery

Accelerated Delivery

Focus on your business

Faster time to market

Reduction of implementation times

Resource optimization

Optimize Resources

Reduction of operating costs

Save time on repetitive tasks

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Certified professional advice

Engineers available 24x7.

Unbiased recommendations

Our team is fully equipped to handle your Kubernetes needs, with world-class certifications and partnerships with leading cloud service providers. We handle any platform, without involving any proprietary technology in your system. This allows us to deliver best-in-class, agile solutions to businesses around the world.


K8s engineers, including CKA, CKAD and cloud certifications



Third-party impartial service, regardless of the platform used



24/7 support option - no more hitches



Advanced partner of AWS, Azure, GCP and VMware