VMware Cloud Director is a cloud services distribution platform used by some of the world’s best-known cloud providers for the operations and management of cloud services activities. With VMware Cloud Director, cloud providers can deliver secure, efficient, and elastic cloud resources to thousands of businesses and IT teams around the world.

Desotech has an inclined approach to the Cloud Native world, vCloud Director embodies this approach by bringing it within VMware environments, building a multi-tenant platform for your Private-Cloud.


  • Effortlessly build virtual data centers from a common infrastructure to meet heterogeneous business needs
  • World’s Leading Cloud Vendors Natively Integrate VMware Cloud Director to Deliver Differentiated User Experiences and Seize More Opportunities to Provide Support
  • An up-to-date dashboard and single point of monitoring provide centralized views for multi-tenant cloud management
  • Integration with leading automation tools such as vRealize Orchestrator, Terraform and Cloud Provider Pod
  • VMware Cloud Director Availability allows you to complete VM migration and data center extension easily and securely
  • VMware Cloud Director is an ideal launch pad for enterprises as it uses containers and flexible VMs on demand in the same virtual data center and ensures faster uptime for Kubernetes
  • VMware Cloud Director provides the cost transparency and accountability IT leaders need to understand and optimize cloud infrastructure costs, which is essential for seamless support of business services