AWS Courses

Nowadays, many companies choose to migrate their services to a full cloud or hybrid solution. That’s why it is necessary for those who work in the IT world to be able to rely on at leastone cloud provider. Amazon AWS is certainly one of the leaders in the market, offering a complete and very interesting series of products and guaranteeing safe, performing and resilient tools. Thanks to the Amazon AWS courses, it will be possible to focus on the cloud category that most interests you, carefully addressing the various tools offered by the Amazon AWS platform. 

Some Desotech employees are currently certified as AAI (AWS Authorized Instructors). Desotech utilizes its own instructors to deliver official AWS courses through an authorized AWS Training Partner.

Please note: only AWS Authorized Instructor can deliver official AWS courses.


AWS Official Courses​

We are excited to announce that, although we are not an AWS Training Partner ourselves, our company collaborates with certified external AWS Training Partners to offer official AWS courses and cater to your learning needs. The instructors appointed for these courses are highly qualified and experienced AWS Authorized Instructors (AAI).

Through our close collaboration with these partners, we can ensure that several AAIs will be responsible for delivering your course, providing a high-quality training experience and effective learning. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our AWS courses and to discover how we can support you in your professional growth journey.

Cloud services offer a wide range of solutions for enterprises, enabling them to take full advantage of the potential of cloud computing. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leading provider of cloud services, offering a wide range of services and highly scalable solutions.

To take full advantage of the potential of cloud services, companies need to invest in training and developing the technical skills of their employees. A well-structured training program offers specific training paths for different professionals, such as the role of solutions architect.

Being a solutions architect requires in-depth technical skills in the cloud domain, as well as knowledge of best practices in the industry. To demonstrate their skills, many professionals choose to take the AWS certification exam.

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AWS certification attests to technical competence and the ability to design and implement solutions using AWS services. It is an effective way to demonstrate your capabilities to companies and gain recognition in the industry.

Amazon Web Services also offers an extensive AWS training and certification program. This program provides structured training paths to help professionals acquire the skills needed to take the AWS certification exam.

Taking full advantage of AWS services requires knowledge of best practices in the cloud environment. These best practices include designing highly available cloud architectures, securing data, optimizing resources, and more.

In conclusion, the cloud services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) are a powerful solution for enterprises looking to make the most of cloud computing. Investing in a training program and acquiring an AWS certification can help professionals develop the necessary technical skills and demonstrate their expertise as solutions architects. Knowing best practices in the industry is critical to optimizing the use of AWS services and ensuring success in the cloud environment.