A traditional server uses less than 15% of its capacity; with virtualization the situation changes radically.
The term software-defined data center (SDDC) refers to a data center where the infrastructure is virtualized through abstraction and automation to deliver Infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS). Software-defined infrastructure enables IT administrators to simplify physical infrastructure management to define and automate infrastructure configuration and lifecycle operations.

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Gestione del data center semplificata

Simplified data center management

The SDDC can be managed with a centralized dashboard, allowing IT users to view inventory, health status and audits of all servers, storage and network infrastructure through intelligent software.

Erogazione di servizi IT piu rapidi

Faster IT service delivery

Software-defined intelligence enables automated provisioning with repeatable patterns that ensure high levels of reliability, consistency, and control across the entire SDDC.
Riduzione dei costi

Cost reduction

Using composable infrastructure within an SDDC, IT can bring together resources for any workload—bare metal, virtualized, and containerized—to eliminate silos and reduce overprovisioning, while leveraging software-defined intelligence to accelerate time to value.

Lagilita del cloud on premise

The agility of the on-premises cloud

The SDDC lets you leverage IaaS for higher levels of control, programmability, and expandability. Business applications, infrastructure management, automation, and service orchestration tools enable infrastructure deployment and real-time resource provisioning to support dynamic workloads and fluctuating demand corporate.

Software-defined data centers are considered by many to be the next step in the evolution of virtualization, containers and cloud services.

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