Kubernetes Install, Configure & Manage (en)

This course provides a comprehensive overview of managing and administering a Kubernetes cluster. During the course, students will learn how to install Kubernetes using kubeadm, interpret and alter the kubeconfig file, perform cluster inspection, and install Cilium for networking and security management. 

Instruction on how to expand the cluster, check status, configure the load balancer, perform cluster maintenance, and manage upgrades will also be provided. Topics also include Ingress, pod autoscaling, using the Kubernetes dashboard, etcd snapshots, and high-availability control plane configuration. The course will provide students with a solid foundation to begin successfully managing a Kubernetes cluster.

Categorie: Kubernetes

Container Runtime Essential

Please note: this course is a mandatory step toward preparation for the CKA exam!

Completion of this course, along with the DSK200 and DSK202 courses, provides the skills necessary to access all intermediate and advanced level DSK courses.