Cloud native Architecture

Migration to the Cloud and Cloud Architecture

Cloud-native technologies enable the development of applications using containerized services, which are deployed as microservices and managed on flexible infrastructure through agile DevOps practices and continuous delivery methodologies.



Maximize the potential of cloud computing by leveraging our cloud infrastructure and migration services. Our team of experts will assist you in designing and constructing a robust cloud infrastructure that enhances the durability, scalability, and security of your environments.

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Identifying cloud strategy goals

Prior to initiating the migration process, it is crucial to identify the specific advantages that transitioning to the cloud can bring to your company. Typically, organizations aim to enhance their time to market, ensure greater infrastructure reliability, and decrease the expenses associated with maintaining in-house systems.

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Choosing a cloud provider

This stage necessitates a comprehensive examination and encompasses various factors that need consideration. Initially, there is the need to assess the technical and financial viability of choosing one provider over another, along with the evaluation of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) provided by each.

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Creating the migration road map

During this phase, our consultants develop an elaborate and sequential plan that outlines the specific timelines, resources, and their capacities for the migration process. For instance, crucial services essential to business operations should be transferred during periods of minimal workload, typically during nighttime, to ensure the continuity and coherence of business processes.

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Performing the migration

Once the testing phase demonstrates its success, our engineers proceed to synchronize your current infrastructure with the new cloud environment and initiate the migration of your data to the cloud. Ultimately, the traffic is seamlessly redirected to the new platform.

Cloud-native Transformation

Services We Offer

As the testing proves successful, our engineers synchronize your existing infrastructure with the new cloud environment and transfer your data to the cloud. Finally, the traffic is switched to the new platform.

Training and platform support

Our team of experts assists in identifying potential issues before they impact your business, ensuring 24/7 business continuity, data integrity, and smooth upgrades without any disruptions. Additionally, we offer training sessions and live demonstrations to enhance your understanding and proficiency.


CI/CD integration including GitOps

We assist you in setting up cloud-native CI/CD pipelines and Kubernetes-native pipelines (GitOps), which will help your company expedite development processes.

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Platform implementation and IaC

Our engineers will provide guidance in creating an effective roadmap that promotes the rapid adoption of Terraform or Terragrunt. Our focus is on constructing resilient, stable, and high-performance infrastructure while optimizing resource utilization.


Migration between cloud providers

Whether you possess credits or simply aim to migrate from one cloud provider to another, we can assist you in this endeavor. Our services include adapting a Terraform codebase, reconfiguring CI/CD pipelines, and establishing enhanced monitoring capabilities to facilitate a smooth and successful migration process.


Setup of hybrid on-premises and cloud infrastructure

With our extensive expertise, we specialize in delivering multi-cloud and hybrid on-premises/cloud infrastructures. This is particularly advantageous for businesses that handle sensitive data which cannot be stored solely in cloud environments.


Migration from on-premises to cloud

We offer comprehensive coverage of cloud services across all major cloud service providers, including AWS, GCP, Azure, as well as private cloud service providers. Additionally, we facilitate seamless integration with on-premises infrastructure, ensuring a cohesive and unified environment for your organization.

More Services

Kubernetes Management

Our area of specialization lies in Kubernetes implementation, and we provide expert consulting services to assist companies in attaining their DevOps objectives. We offer cost-effective solutions that cater to on-premises environments as well as multiple cloud platforms, enabling organizations to optimize their operations efficiently.

DevOps as a Service

By availing our services, development teams, product companies, and start-ups can prioritize innovation, knowing that we will take care of their infrastructure and operational needs. Our comprehensive range of offerings includes maturity assessments, consulting services, cloud migration assistance, and tooling support. This allows organizations to focus on their core goals while relying on us to handle their infrastructure and operational requirements.