Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized our approach to work, but today it is not enough to simply have access to AI. Companies are increasingly requiring the minimization of intellectual property risk, guaranteeing the security of their own and customer data, as well as complete control over the AI ​​used.


Services offered on Private AI environments

As a professional MLOps service provider, we specialize in offering comprehensive solutions to introduce companies to the world of Private AI. We offer extensive support, detailed documentation, and customized training programs to best meet the needs of your AI team.
Thanks to our services, you can adopt cutting-edge solutions such as Kubeflow, which will allow you to take AI from the experimentation phase to monitoring in production.

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Private AI Consulting and Support

We guarantee maximum flexibility and compatibility with the chosen platform, ensuring full compliance with your requirements. We can assist you in implementing an architecture that allows you to integrate AI within your infrastructure, providing personalized advice and support every step of the way.
Our support offers you the possibility to implement solutions where model and data are managed locally. Training your models in a local environment will ensure maximum data security and governance, both for you and your customers.


Flexibility and reliability

Thanks to our experience also in cloud-native environments, we offer you the possibility of creating secure and controlled workflows. We use containerized tools like Pachyderm or Jupyter Notebooks to orchestrate pipelines that allow you to work directly with data, without having to rely on solutions external to your environments.
Whether you operate in cloud, bare metal or hybrid environments, our specialists will be able to design the solution that best suits your needs. We are here to guarantee maximum security and governance of your data, providing an AI platform tailored to your needs