Harvester – Installation, configuration and maintenance

The course provides in-depth training for installing and configuring SUSE Harvester on bare-metal hardware or in virtualized environments. Participants will learn to upload and manage operating system and application images, add and manage nodes in the Harvester cluster, and create, configure, and migrate virtual machines (VMs). We will cover volume management, including volume creation, cloning, export, and snapshots, and configuring cluster networks and VMs, including load balancers and IP pools. The course covers integrating SUSE Harvester with Rancher for centralized management, authenticating and managing multi-tenant environments, creating and managing RKE2 and K3s Kubernetes clusters, and configuring Cloud Providers and CSI Drivers for persistent storage. Additionally, we will cover techniques for logging with Fluentbit, Elasticsearch, and Loki, monitoring with Prometheus, Grafana, and Alertmanager, and troubleshooting common problems and updating your system.

Category: Altre Tecnologie