Rancher Prime Manager 2.7 Deployment

This course covers deploying and administering Rancher Prime Manager in existing Kubernetes clusters. The course begins with an introduction to SUSE Rancher Prime Manager, what is required for a deployment, different deployment strategies, and best practices for deployment.  

The next sections provide an understanding of deploying Rancher Prime Manager in three different ways, using self-signed certificates, Let’s Encrypt and signed certificates, depending on your specific needs. Deployment in an air-gapped environment is also covered. Students are taught how to back up and restore Rancher Prime Manager, migrate it to a new cluster, and how to upgrade it from a previous version to the current one.    

This course will help prepare for the SUSE Certified Deployment Specialist (SCDS) in Rancher Prime Manager 2.7 certification exam.

COD: RAN211v2.7

Suse rancher