Deploy RKE and SUSE Rancher & Backup/Restore RKE & RKE2 Clusters

In this learning module, you will learn how to set up and deploy a new Kubernetes cluster using RKE, work with config.yaml, add new nodes if needed, and troubleshoot a new cluster. You will learn how to configure and deploy Kubernetes using RKE2 and K3s. You will also learn how to configure your cluster with the cluster.yaml file and learn about the differences and similarities between RKE2 and K3s. We will explain how to deploy Rancher using Helm in the datacenter and cloud and with Terraform. Next, we’ll tell you how to deploy Kubernetes with SUSE Rancher using existing servers, creating a new virtual machine in a cloud environment, and working with cloud-based Kubernetes deployments. In the end,

COD: RAN12345

Suse rancher