SLES for SAP applications15 - provide high-availability for SAP HANA scale-up

This course provides an understanding of the activities and processes involved in implementing SAP HANA with System Replication in a Scale Up Performance Optimized configuration on SLES for SAP applications with HA. This course is based on best practices from SUSE. The course begins by providing an overview of SAP HANA and the use of System Replication (SR) to provide SAP HANA high availability. Next, the storage and configuration required to successfully implement SAP HANA SR on SLE High Availability (HA) is explained. The necessary cluster resources are then configured and tested. The course ends with a discussion of specific administration procedures for configuring and tuning SLE cluster nodes to host SAP HANA.

This course prepares students to take the SCE exam in SLES for SAP Applications – Part 2.

COD: SLE323v15
CATEGORY: Linux Enterprise Server

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