Using SLES for SAP Applications 15 to Provide High Availability for S/4HANA and Netweaver

This course is designed to enable you to deploy SAP Enqueue Replication Server with High Availability using SLES for SAP applications. The course uses SUSE best practices to achieve a deployment compliant with SAP NW-HA-CLU 7.40 for ENSA1 and S/4-HA-CLU 1.0 for ENSA2. First, the Enqueue server is presented with an overview of the architecture. Next, the environment needed for the implementation is analyzed, including the storage requirements for the high-availability Enqueue server implementation. Preparation is followed by setting up the systems for the SAP workload, creating and configuring the necessary cluster resources, and integrating the SAP environment with the HA environment using the sap_suse_cluster_connector. Cluster testing is then planned and executed, the cluster is monitored, and suggestions on best administration practices are provided.

The course helps students prepare for the SCE exam in SLES for SAP Applications-Part 1.

COD: SLE322v15
CATEGORY: Linux Enterprise Server

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