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Deso-Tour is an unmissable event for technology enthusiasts, focused on: Kubernetes, Automation and Cloud. The event offers a unique opportunity to learn and deepen knowledge in these rapidly evolving sectors. It is a free event open to IT professionals, developers, engineers, system administrators and anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of Kubernetes, Automation and Cloud. It will be a perfect opportunity to expand your professional network and meet sector experts.


29 March 2024, 10:00 AM


Roma, Hotel Ripa


What can you do during the event?

During the Deso-Tour, high-level professionals will hold interactive sessions, practical workshops and inspirational conferences to share their experiences, best practices and advanced knowledge. Participants will be able to learn from experts, discover new solutions and connect with other people passionate about technology

The event will offer a wide range of topics related to Kubernetes, Automation and Cloud. Topics such as the implementation of Kubernetes in the enterprise environment, best practices for automating IT processes and efficient management of cloud resources will be addressed. Innovative solutions and success stories of companies that have adopted these technologies effectively will also be presented.


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List of sessions

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Explore the world of VMware Workspace ONE! In this introduction, you will discover how to manage your company’s device fleet to maintain control, ensure compliance and strengthen company security!

VMware Cloud Foundation is a multi-cloud platform that provides full-stack hyperconverged infrastructure built to modernize data centers. VCF is based on several components such as vSphere, vSAN, NSX and some parts of Aria Suite!

Master your multi-cluster infrastructure from a single interface. Manage all your Kubernetes clusters or create new ones. Simplify and enhance application deployment, manage access and encryption with a single solution!

Thanks to AWX and Ansible and its IaaC approach we will show a pipeline designed to automate the creation of Tanzu clusters, making it easily scalable and maintainable. Easily executable even by those without in-depth knowledge of Ansible!

We will introduce Terraform in detail, an open-source infrastructure management tool as code that enables the creation, modification and management of cloud resources in an automated and repeatable way!


Training and more

But Deso-Tour is not just training and technical insights. During the event, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a fun and engaging atmosphere.


Themed gadgets available for all participants will be distributed.



You can take advantage of a standing brunch to be able to share ideas with colleagues passionate.


Pause Networking

Take advantage of the presence of people who share your same passions!

Get ready for a day of learning, networking and fun, where the universe of Kubernetes, Automation and Cloud will reveal itself in all its innovation.