Desotech offers managed Kubernetes solutions that are highly flexible and adaptable to the specific needs of your organization. Our suite of services covers a broad spectrum, ensuring flawless support for Kubernetes during business hours, with extensive coverage and professional-quality SLAs. Additionally, we offer comprehensive 24/7/365 management with continuous monitoring of Kubernetes environments around the world.

With unlimited access to our team of certified Kubernetes experts, you can rest assured you’ll get top-notch support to maximize the performance and security of your Kubernetes system. Choose Desotech for reliable, tailored support for your Kubernetes management needs.


Customizable plans based on your coverage needs.


Strong SLAs and a designated phone number available 24/7.


Day-2 operations and support for any K8s deployment, on-premise or in the cloud.


Direct access to certified technicians who understand your environment inside out.
Free cancellation within 30 days

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From break-fix Kubernetes support to routine upgrades and complex migration projects, the platform’s day-to-day operations are in good hands, allowing your team to focus time and operational energy on meeting your needs. needs of your customers. Your company’s KPIs are our priority as we maximize available resources and maintain business continuity.

Kubernetes is a complex system that requires precise planning and labor-intensive maintenance to provide maximum value to your business. Running the platform and keeping it updated is costly in terms of time and operational energy.

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