As a DevOps Accelerator specializing in startup support, we are dedicated to adding value to your product through our services and managed solutions. Our experience lies in implementing DevOps practices and using highly scalable cloud platforms that adhere to best practices. By aligning your business processes with DevOps principles, we enable you to optimize efficiency, scalability and innovation, improving overall business results.


How does DevOps as a Service work?

We prioritize flexibility and place great value on the quality of the service offered. As a result, we do not require any annual or long-term commitments from our clients. Our employment contract runs on a monthly basis. At signing, we begin to understand your business goals and analyze the challenges faced by your development team. Based on the results obtained, we create a roadmap (Statement of Work) and a strategic project in line with the specific needs of your company. Our ultimate goal is to provide a solution that harmonizes business requirements with the necessary technical considerations. By leveraging our DevOps expertise, our clients benefit from a dedicated team without the need to expand their technical workforce or incur additional costs associated with hiring consultants and contractors. We collaborate closely with your existing teams and integrate your in-house DevOps engineers into our workflows to achieve optimal results. We provide you with the infrastructure code, documentation and all the details needed to manage the infrastructure with your resources. Furthermore, if you wish, we offer the option of long-term maintenance and support.


DevOps services and solutions DevOps services and solutions

Cloud-native technologies allow you to develop applications using containerized services, which are deployed as microservices and managed on flexible infrastructures through agile DevOps practices and continuous delivery methodologies.