Kubernetes Administration

This two day course is designed for system administrators, DevOps, system engineers and others who need an introduction to Containers, Kubernetes.

The course begins with an introduction to containers and container orchestration. Students will then learn about and explore Kubernetes, including launching applications, configuring networking, storage and security, and using Helm to deploy applications. The course includes comprehensive presentation content to introduce new concepts and processes and extensive hands-on experience.

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Chi dovrebbe partecipare

This course is designed for system administrators and others who want to administer Kubernetes.



Attendees should have familiarity with the Command Line, Linux System Administration skills and attention to details. SUSE Certified Administrator (SCA) in Enterprise Linux or SUSE Certified Linux Engineer (SCE) in Enterprise Linux certification or level of experience recommended.


Obiettivi del Corso

Attendees will be taught the following concepts and skills:

  • Containers and Orchestration Concepts
  • An Introduction to Kubernetes
  • The Basics of Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Cluster Administration
  • Networking, Storage and Security for Kubernetes
  • Helm and Helm Charts

Contenuti del Corso

  • Section 1: Course Introduction
    • Understand the Course
  • Section 2: Introduction to Containers and Container Orchestration
    • Understand Container Concepts
    • Understand a Microservice Architecture
    • Understand Kubernetes
    • Understand SUSE CaaS Platform
  • Section 3: Kubernetes Administration
    • Understand Basic Kubernetes Commands
    • Work with Namespaces
    • Understand Kubernetes Manifests
    • Understand Multi-pod Deployment
    • Work with Deployments
    • Configure Networking for Applications
    • Use Environment Variables with Applications
    • Use ConfigMaps
    • Work with Secrets in Kubernetes
    • Work with Labels and Selectors
    • Configure Node Affinity in Kubernetes
    • Scale Out Applications
  • Section 4: Application Management in Kubernetes with Kustomize
    • Understand Kustomize Concepts
    • Manage Applications with Kustomize
  • Section 5:  Application Management in Kubernetes with Helm
    • Understand Basic Helm Concepts
    • Manage Applications with Helm
  • Section 6: Ingress Networking with an Ingress Controller in Kubernetes
    • Work with the Nginx Ingress Controller
  • Section 7: Storage in Kubernetes
    • Understand Kubernetes Storage Concepts
    • Work with Persistent Storage in Storage Classes
  • Section 8: Resource Usage Control in Kubernetes
    • Understand How to Control Resource Usage in Kubernetes
    • Work with LimitRanges
    • Work with Resource Quotas
  • Section 9: Role Based Access Controls In Kubernetes
    • Understand Role Based Access Controls
    • Perform User Authentication in CaaS Platform
    • Configure RBAC in Kubernetes

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